Executive Bodyguard Services & Training


S1 Executive Protection Services is a full service Protection Provider.

Our client’s needs are paramount to us. We understand the personal needs and concerns of individuals, businesses, and organizations requiring executive or personal protection. Threats to personal safety are not always the result of premeditated sinister acts. The exuberance of fans or even protesters at an event will increase the risk of conflicts or injury. Unfortunately the world we live in today is a place where the need for protection has increased and as a result, S1 has the proven ability, experience and qualifications to help keep our clients safe at all times, no mater who or where they are.

At S1 Executive Protection Services you will find highly trained and experienced close protection experts who work together to compliment other team member’s skills and experience. Each team member has a specific role based on his or her experience; however, each team member can perform any role on the team if the need arises. This includes, but is not limited to medical first aid CPR training and the best close protection possible.

Specializing in Entertainment events, we coordinate with event organizers and help them in preparing safe events in the following areas for all aspects of party and event security:

  • Celebrity Protection Services
  • Risk and vulnerability assessments
  • Tour Management Services
  • Staff training
  • Security policy management
  • Secured transportation for VIP’s

Bodyguard & Executive Protection Services