Florida Concealed Weapon & Firearm Safety Course


Are you thinking about getting a Florida concealed weapons permit?

We make the application process easy.

Get confidence and ability to defend yourself or family – even if you’ve never shot before.

Top-notch & enjoyable training is right here at your fingertips!

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The course is designed to provide common, every-day people with the complicated laws regarding concealed firearm and weapons carry and help explain, in laymen terms, how those laws pertain to their right to own and carry a weapon. Our NRA Certified instructors use a common sense approach to provide the class attendee with the knowledge needed to keep them out of legal trouble when exercising their rights.

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If you are looking for a class that provides you with extensive weapons and tactical training this is not the course for you.

If, however, you are looking for a course that will help you understand your rights provided by Florida State Law and help keep you safe and out of trouble, then this is the course for you. Even if you never intend to apply for a concealed weapons permit, or never carry a concealed weapon, this course will benefit you. Ninety percent of the information in this class pertains to all gun owners.

Florida Firearms CourseNow you can choose the Florida concealed weapons permit class that’s right for you. You can decide to take our Basic $60.00 Two-Hour Concealed Weapons Permit Class if you’re pressed for time or if you’ve shot before.

A Florida concealed weapons permit can be in your hands in about four weeks! Here’s what you’ll learn during a Basic $60.00 Florida concealed weapons permit class.

  • Firearms and Self Defense Law
  • Where you can and cannot carry a concealed weapon
  • Concealed weapons selection
  • Real-life Self Defense shooting Techniques
  • How & When to Shoot in Self Defense
  • Step-by-Step How to Complete the Application Process

Learn Self Defense Shooting Skills to Protect Yourself and Your Family

If you want to learn self defense shooting skills in addition to getting your Florida concealed carry permit, you can take one, or both parts of our advance training program.

You’ll learn many of the same skills our instructors used to survive their careers as police officers, and more of the techniques they use now to protect their bodyguard business clients.

Having a Florida concealed weapons permit is like keeping a fire extinguisher in your home.
You hope you’ll never need it, but it could save your life or the life of someone you love.

Putting the Serious Stuff Aside… You’ll Enjoy Taking Your Florida Concealed Weapons Permit Class

Shooting is fun and empowering. It can provide you and your family with endless hours of fun.  We teach all of our classes in an enjoyable and informal setting. We enjoy teaching Florida concealed weapons classes, and we make sure our students enjoy taking them.

We love to teach people how to shoot because it is rewarding to see someone who has never even held a gun before, leave the shooting range feeling excited, empowered, and confident in their ability to shoot – and even defend themselves, or someone they love.

Remember This

There is a Violent Crime every 22 seconds, one Murder every 34 minutes, one Robbery every minute, and one Rape every six minutes. With statistics like these, your chances of becoming one of these statistics could literally be “right around the next corner.” Don’t let it happen to you or someone you love, schedule a class now.

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