John Goldsboro Jr

John I. Goldsboro Jr.

John Goldsboro Jr. EPS, Certified C2-Taser Instructor, Certified NRA Instructor
Executive Protection Specialist John I. Goldsboro Jr. is a retired New Jersey State Trooper I and now work as an Executive & Close Protection Specialist. Prior to his retirement, John was a Technical Emergency and Missions Specialist (TEAMS) with the New Jersey State Police. During his career, he trained in many facets of both Law Enforcement and Military Operations with such organizations as the Navy Seals Ops team, US Army Special Forces, Federal Bureau of Investigations (FBI), Alcohol Tobacco and Firearms (ATF), Executive Protection detail for former Governor Christine Todd Whitman, and specialized training in Close Protection Operations.

During his 25 year career in Law Enforcement and Security/Executive Protection Services in the private sector, John has had the privilege of having a huge client base to include Entertainers, Celebrities, and Politicians, VIP’s, Business Executives and professional athletes. In the Executive Protection Industry John is rated number one (1) when it comes to confidential, discreet and professional armed or unarmed security with the highest level of protection while causing minimal unwanted attention.


Jake Jacobelli

Jake Using a Flashlight

Jake Using a Flashlight

My name is James “Jake” Jacobelli. I’m originally from Bridgeport, Connecticut. I served in the U.S. Army and completed two tours in Vietnam. I served as a helicopter door gunner with the 281st Assault Helicopter Company recognized as the first Special Operations Helicopter unit in the U.S. Army, I also served as a Military Police Investigator /Army CID Special Agent Specializing in Executive Protection where I performed numerous protective service missions for the Secretary of Defense, Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, and the Secretary of the Army. I retired from the United States Army in 1998.

My civilian Law Enforcement Career began as a police officer in Deerfield Beach Florida. I later served as a senior investigator with the Florida Attorney General’s Office until 2005 when I went to Iraq as a security contractor and performed duties as a shooter/Intelligence officer. Iraq is where I acquired a vast amount of advanced training in Combat/Tactical techniques that I now instruct in addition to Law Enforcement training. In 2005, I then became a Law Enforcement officer serving as a detective, firearms instructor and Tactical Team Member with the Zephyrhills Police Department.

I am a graduate of the following U.S. Army training courses: Counter Drug Field Tactical Police Operations, Protective Services, Special Reaction Team (SRT), Counter Terrorism, Air Assault Team. I am also a graduate of, the 186th Session of Federal Bureau of Investigations (FBI) National Academy.

I am a NRA, Florida CJST and Florida Class “K” licensed firearms instructor. I teach many advanced tactical and combat related courses of instruction. My many years of training and Instruction have given me the opportunity to work with and instruct hundreds of Military, Private Security, and Law Enforcement Officers. Much of this training is focused on advanced tactical strategies, such as combat/tactical reloading, shooting from a position of cover, and close combat front sight only shooting, along with many other advanced techniques.

As a Florida Class “K” licensed instructor, I instruct Florida Class “G” courses for “G” licensed Armed Security Officers as well as the required annual State of Florida Class “G” Re-Qualification course. I also enjoy teaching civilians with little or no experience the NRA first steps course or the Conceal Weapons course. Both courses actually exceed the Florida State requirements to obtain a Florida Concealed Weapons Permit. Allowing you to carry concealed in the State of Florida and all reciprocating states.

I preach Wyatt Earp’s philosophy on gun fighting, “In at a gunfight you need to learn to go slow in a hurry”. What Wyatt Earp meant is to be efficient, not fast and jerky. There are many techniques to help assist an individual to become more efficient increasing their chances of surviving a gun fight; those techniques are what I emphasize. (K 2900067)


Bill Ferrell III


Bill Ferrell III, CPS, EPS, PPS, Certified C2-Taser Instructor, Certified OC Instructor
Founder and President of ASI is a Certified Executive Protection Specialist and a former twenty-five (25) year veteran State Police District Shift Commander, Former Lieutenant Governor Dignitary Protection Commander, Former Dignitary Protection Commander for Florida State Insurance Commissioner Bill Nelson (currently Senator Bill Nelson) during Governor Jeb Bush’s’ 1999 Inauguration, a Former Protective Advance Coordinator, Former member of the Southern Governors’ Security Detail, Former Member of the Pope John Paul II & President Ronald Regan Security Detail and the Former Commander in charge of the U.S. President and Vice President Motorcade Support Unit for the State Police in South Florida.