Dec 272011

While performing in Paris on her ‘No Boys Allowed’ tour, Keri Hilson was attacked on stage by one of her fans. An overzealous fan rushed the stage during her last song of the night and got a hold of the singer. No one had any clue what his intentions were, but he was immediately snatched by security and got knocked out. During the process Keri received a blow to the head by security ..No bueno.

After it was all said and done, she tweeted: RT @EmmaHollyFierce: Psycho guy tried to kiss Keri OMG!!!!! <

To the guy who ran on stage & stole a kiss, I LOVE YOU TOO. Didn’t appreciate how u were handled. But next time, enjoy from the audience.

I just learned that dude jumped from the 2nd story balcony for the task…ok, so maybe he was a lil crazy! Just jokes. I love my fans, yo!!!

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Dec 272011

Since Keri Hilson was attacked by a fan while on stage in Paris, France, we’ve realized that there’s been quite a run of fan attacks spreading throughout the industry.

From Miley Cyrus to Snoop Dogg and Lil Wayne to Avril Lavigne, we’ve compiled some footage of these crazed fans hopping on stage and scaring the hell out of their favorite artists.

Teen queen Miley Cyrus, whose fans are usually under the age of 15 and weigh around 100 pounds, would not think such an act would happen to her on stage. But one of her young fans sure did at her Gypsy Heart tour in Melbourne during a performance of her song “The Climb.”

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Dec 272011

Avril and boyfriend Brody had an eventful weekend to say the least; one resulting in a black eye, pulled hair, and blood.

The couple had gotten “jumped” just outside the Hollywood Roosevelt Hotel in L.A. The brawl included five attackers, and while Avril was trying to fight back, Brody attempted to break up the fight, allegedly “smashing someone’s face in with a bottle.” As a result, the Hills star received a massive gash on his forehead and had to be treated at a local hospital for stitches. Avril on the other hand reportedly had a “black eye, bloody nose, hair ripped out, scratches, bruises and cuts.” She responded to the public about the fight stating, “I don’t fight. I don’t believe in it. To clear things up I got attacked by 5 people last night out of nowhere. Not cool. My face is f—-ed.”

When the police finally arrived to the scene of the attack, Brody was the only one around, all the others (including Avril) had fled. As of now, no arrests have been made.

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